Renata’s Journey

Renata Macedo Soares, creator of Morungaba, studied at Colégio Santa Cruz, where she was encouraged to participate in missions for the fishing community of Barra do Una.

Still back then, 1975/77, the young girl, with her notebooks and pens, played with children who came from the Jaguaré shanty town. Later, the importance of this spontaneous interaction was revealed, and all later developments had “listening” as a starting point. Other experiences with people who are different economically, physically, or socially, along her journey, gave form to the ideal of promoting citizenship and human appreciation.

Renata Macedo Soares has been a dance teacher since 1978, at Private Schools and Libraries for Children and Youth, under the coordination of Maria Duschenes, who brought to Brazil the Laban Method of Dance Education. With a degree in speech therapy from PUC/SP in 1981, she is a master in communication disorders. Her master’s thesis was in Dance/the Art of Movement for the Hard of Hearing, and after a stay in London taking a university extension course at the Laban Centre for Movement and Dance, she founded Núcleo Morungaba in 1989.


Since then, Renata has run several projects and partnerships, weaving dreams, potential, and interests.

+55 (11) 9 8906 5461 (Renata) @mewemorungaba /MeWe Morungaba