Those who follow Morungaba know that, for the last 30 years, we have sought a place that is fair to people and a planet Earth that is more committed to the “ONE” that we are.

People at risk, residents of shelters – be they children, adolescents or the elderly –, people with disabilities and, more recently, indigenous peoples, in addition to society as a whole, are the reason for our existence.


But who are we and what is it to be Brazilian?


Morungaba, from the Tupi-Guarani language, refers to the native peoples of Brazil, to the seed of a multicultural people who transform us every day, with every gesture, every look.

It means morunga beehive and conveys a sentiment: in it, all the dedicated effort has the goal of achieving the development of those who need the most support.

To be free is to soar together.

Along this path, we encounter. In these encounters, we discover ourselves. In these discoveries, we restore ourselves. Restored, we place diversity hand in hand with tolerance and compassion. We build bridges between different realities, sewing together destinations and stories with purpose, joy and lots of love.

A genuine quilt, made not from patchwork, but whole worlds.

+55 (11) 9 8906 5461 (Renata) @mewemorungaba /MeWe Morungaba