Through education and arts such as music, drama, dance, cooking, circus, and visual arts, in addition to activities to promote sociability, always based on respect for differences, Núcleo Morungaba (Morungaba Center) aims to appreciate and develop individuals.

Since 1989, when it was founded, Morungaba has been carrying out several programs for people with and without disabilities, various ages and social strata, and today is open to everyone, including participants with learning disabilities, and in situations of foster care. The word Morungaba, in the Indigenous Tupi-Guarani language, stands for the beehive of the Morunga bee, which produces very nutritious honey!

Inspired by the work of these bees, Morungaba brings together collaborators, such as psychologists, educators, volunteers, and interns, university and high school students, each with their own role in this task of ensuring a place of cooperation and inclusion with Núcleo Morungaba’s diverse activities.

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Núcleo Morungaba
Rua Cristiano Viana, 977 – Pinheiros - CEP: 05411-001 – São Paulo – SP – Brasil
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