MeWe (Me and We)

With the help of “We”, it is possible to form new “Me”s.

There is no development of the individual without their participation in the collective.


MeWe was born in 2015 with the objective of breaking down barriers, widening horizons and promoting humanitarian actions, through the meeting of people with different cultures and customs.

Diversity translates into the real meaning of the word empathy, generating tolerance, compassion and showing a path to evolution.

By understanding people, cultures and habits different from our own, we can realize that “Me” is only possible because there is a “We”.

By widening the horizons of participants in the Morungaba Nucleus – people with learning difficulties and living in foster care –, the focus of their work is transformed and ceases to be only on themselves. Others come to be included, promoting enrichment for all, through stories, experiences, and information.

Only with this knowledge can barriers and prejudices be overcome, which makes it the most precious asset for humanity.





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